We envision the first step in the planning process to be what we refer to as the Conceptual Planning stage. The Owner will furnish all available property data including aerial photography, topographical mapping, boundaries, buildings, easements, and zoning or other land use restrictions.

Once the site investigation and analyses are complete we present schematic routing alternatives whereby we illustrate and evaluate possible routings of the golf holes, depicting approximate location and extents of the golf course, based on criteria provided by the Owner. All plans are presented for the Owner’s review, discussion and input, culminating in a final routing plan that refines and better establishes the requirements for the Owner’s preferred schematic routing alternative or revised feature design plans.

This plan becomes the Master Concept Plan for the development and better indicates the locations and approximate configurations of tees, greens, fairways, lakes and hazards. It also depicts the proposed location of the clubhouse, maintenance area, parking and entry road, pump station and other related facilities, as applicable, but the final programming and site planning of these features will be done by other professionals.

A preliminary cost estimate for golf course construction will be compiled based the Master Plan, utilizing area and/or volume estimates, unit pricing or similar estimating techniques. Plan data for the Master Plan, including golf course par, length and acreage plus other information specific to the plan will also be provided.

All of the above conceptual planning services are covered in a contractual form referred to as a Conceptual Planning Agreement.

When the development proceeds to the design stage, a Design Contract is executed that authorizes us to prepare all working drawings, design details and technical specifications for construction purposes. This design package will include tender documents, as necessary, to allow the various golf course phases to be tendered either individually or as a complete package.

As part of the design contract we are committed to providing an on-going periodical architectural supervision service by our design personnel to ensure the design intent illustrated in the plans is being successfully transformed to the land throughout the construction process.

We are able to provide a full range of added services, from project management or daily supervision to undertaking construction of all golf course phases. In all cases, services are provided on a fixed fee basis. At all times, we endeavour to provide those services that best suit the Owner’s needs.


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