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Each golf facility project is singularly unique and offers the opportunity for a fun and creative design experience. What starts as a client’s vision is brought to reality through a collaborative effort with contributions from all project stakeholders.

From feasibility studies and market analyses through conceptual design and detailed drawings; project planning through completion of construction, GDS provides with our clients comprehensive services from start to finish on your golf facility project. This interfacing includes working with land planners, engineers, clubhouse architects, environmental consultants, hydrological consultants and other professionals to ensure a successful development process.

Scope of services offered, but is not limited to:


Our highly qualified designers and construction technicians provide site management project supervision as well as green, tee and bunker construction services ensuring the transformation of the “art work” on paper to the finished product on the ground.

Our sensitivity to environmental issues is reflected in our ability to design golf courses which fit the landscape rather than transforming the landscape to fit the design

Through open communications, shared visions and professional commitments, the talent and experience of our people provides assurance of a quality project.



  • Original Golf Course Design

  • Renovation/ Remodeling Design

  • Master Plan Development

  • Project Development Cost Studies

  • Preparation of Working Drawings, including:

- Clearing/ Staking

- Earthwork – Grading/Cut & Fill
- Drainage
- Green, Tee & Bunker Designs
- Planting/ Grassing Plans
- Irrigation System Design Parameters
- Conceptual Cart Path Plans

  • Technical Specification Preparation

  • Tender Documentation Preparation

  • Architectural Project Supervision

  • Site Supervision/Construction Management

  • Project Administration

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